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What to do before and after floor sandng
How to prepare :

Before sanding your floors, it's essential to prepare them properly for optimum results. In this comprehensive guide, we show you the main steps to follow to prepare your floors for sanding.

Stairs and railings

Our expertise goes beyond flooring. Do your projects include stairs and handrails? No problem, our services can easily include all aspects of your project. The solution for residential work.

Installation & Repair

Whether it’s for a residential or commercial wood flooring project, when you do business with Plancher RT, you’re assured of excellent customer service, sound advice and professional installation.

Against wear and tear

PlancherRT specializes in finishing wood floors. Our professional varnishing and staining services apply products with 25 years of experience to give you the best results. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Hardwood floors offer a multitude of possibilities

In a house, it will create an authentic and warm atmosphere while in an airport it will bring a note of class and style. It all depends on the surface treatment you choose. Wood is a material that opens up many possibilities. In a house, it will create an authentic and warm atmosphere. It all depends on the surface treatment you choose. What R / T Flooring offers is the ability to create the texture and appearance you are looking for, for your own good and that of your floor. It’s not just about deciding whether you want a shiny or matte surface. R / T Floor offers a color system that allows you to completely change the appearance of your floor. You can, for example, give an old wooden floor a new amber look, very chic and modern. Founded in 1994, our company is an innovative company, leader in its market, which has developed an exceptional range in the field of floor treatment. This long experience and passion for parquet floors allow Plancher R / T to offer sustainable and ecological solutions for all types of flooring, for individuals.

Products & Services
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Types of floor varnishes

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