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Prepare to maintain your floors after sanding

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Maintaining your floors after sanding is paramount in preserving their beauty and long-term durability. Once you’ve completed the sanding process, it’s essential to maintain and protect your floors so you can enjoy them to the fullest for many years to come. Floors that are not adequately maintained after sanding can quickly lose their shine and strength, requiring costly repairs in the future. By adopting good maintenance habits, you can extend the life of your floors, prevent damage, and keep your interior looking its best.

  1. Wait one week before washing floors.
  2. Wait two weeks before installing carpets with Bona Traffic HD®, otherwise wait one month.
  3. Use the Bona maintenance kit for easy, environmentally-friendly care.
  4. Never clean your floors with products such as Hertel, Murphy or a steam cleaner.
  5. Place new felt pads under the legs of chairs, sofas and other furniture.
  6. Wait 48 hours before covering your floors, and remove covers every evening.
  7. Reposition furniture after 72 hours, lifting rather than sliding.
  8. Vacuum regularly to avoid abrasive dirt that could damage the finish.
  9. Wipe up spills quickly. Water and sand are your worst enemies.
  10. Avoid high-heeled shoes, which can scratch floors.
  11. Replace plastic castors with rubber or polyurethane ones.
  12. Keep relative humidity at 35-55% to preserve the wood.
  13. Always note the products used, such as stain, sealer and finishing products.
  14. We appreciate constructive feedback on the progress of your work.
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